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Probiotic Air Treatment

Breezo is your partner in healthy indoor environments

to work, meet and sleep in.

Probiotic Environmental Treatment?

The Breezo-technology makes the entire indoor environment healthier by promoting healthy microflora on all surfaces; also those who are inaccessible for normal cleaning.

Probiotic environmental treatment has the following benefits:

  • Improved overall hygiene

  • Healthy microflora on all surfaces

  • Less risk of germs or funghi

  • Decrease of allergens

  • No bad smells

  • Less risk of infections

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Breezo is committed to improve your indoor air microflora by spreading our probiotic mist in air ducts. Using ultrasonic technology designed in corporation with Stokjes NV, our products are taken along through HVAC systems as well as in spaces providing fresh, clean and healthy air.

No HVAC available? Don't worry, we also have stand-alone systems for home appliances or industrial environments.

Air Conditioner
Allergen Reduction

Allergen Reduction

We have the experience and skills necessary to audit your indoor environment and come up with clear and efficient solutions. Our products have a proven track record of scientific research and are capable of reducing allergen concentration up to 93% (!). With Breezo, clients know exactly what to expect - clean, safe and healthy spaces for you and your loved ones.

Easy 3 step installation

1. Contact us for a first scan of your HVAC systems or send us the design for your new installation. 2. We provide you with details about the concept and our different plans. 3. Our technicians connect our technology to your system and you can now start breathing healthy balanced air.

Air Vent Cleaning

Our Industries

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Breezo Agro - Stables, henhouses, animal clinics, ...


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