How do you ensure that your customers feel safe in a post Covid Period?


  • We are in the middle of a pandemic 

  • People avoid places where many people gather 

  • Media coverage creates confusion and doubt



The solution lies with Breezo


Breezo ensures better air quality and a healthier environment in your business.

The continuous atomisation of active probiotics prevents pathogens from multiplying. 


More security → More confidence → More customers in your business

  • Researchers : "Indoor air contains as many viruses as bacteria.”

  • One sneeze: 30,000 droplets of viruses in the air. 

  • Even 200 coronavirus particles are enough to infect someone.



Prof. Gilbert (University of California in San Diego  :


If there are enough probiotics in the air,

they will drive out the bacteria and viruses present'.

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How does it work?


Breezo products contain probiotics for improved hygiene and protection. Upon application, the probiotics will stay on the surface (hard surface, textile, skin...) and in the air in order to provide two main benefits:


Deep cleaning: The probiotics produce enzymes that digest organic pollution (e.g. biofilm) in order to make the surface microscopically clean. The probiotics remain active for several days, continuously. Such a clean surface will also improve the efficacy of disinfectants if needed.


Healthy microbiome: The probiotics are good bacteria that colonize all surfaces for a reduced risk of infection, as proven by clinical trials.


With normal cleaning, it is almost impossible to reach all contact surfaces (furniture, floors, appliances, curtains, etc.) over and over again. In addition, a virus can survive on a contact surface for 8 hours and no cleaning program can clean all contact surfaces every hour.


That is why Breezo has developed an efficient and budget-friendly system that colonizes all contact surfaces continuously.

It has been proven that the Corona COVID19 virus first infects the upper respiratory tract and sinuses. Making sure these areas also harbor a healthy microbiome, will lower the risk of infection. Breezo products promote such a healthy microbiome by its probiotic mist, which is 100% natural and passed official OECD403 tests.


By means of paying attention to some prevention measures such as proper hygiene, one can already lower the risk of infection significantly.


Avoid being infected by others by keeping a distance, wearing a mask and paying close attention to your hand hygiene and probiotic treatment of the room(s) you stay in.



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