Breezo Home & SME + Refill 6 months

Breezo Home & SME + Refill 6 months

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Breezo Home & SME Device + 6 months Refill


Synbiotic environmental treatment by Ultrasone.


In the box: Ultrasone Device & fill, Wall mounting, 6 months refills, mini-usb cable, manual


    Living, working, living ...


    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 30% of all buildings suffer from the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Mainly modern buildings with artificial ventilation and air conditioning are very sensitive to the development of SBS. The accumulation of germs, fungus, particulate matter, allergens, bad smells and other undesirable pollution seriously endangers the health of employees or residents. As a result, there is considerably more illness and therefore productivity loss among employees.


    Synbiotic environmental treatment

    Using the patented Synbio® technology, the entire indoor environment is made healthier by promoting healthy microflora on all surfaces; even those who are inaccessible to ordinary cleaning.



    Synbiotic environmental treatment (the combination of probiotics and prebiotics) provides the following effects:


    • Healthy microflora on all surfaces

    • Less risk for germs and fungi

    • Less allergies

    • Less pollution

    • Less distracting odors



    • Hang or place the device in your home or office.

    • 1 device per room of 50m2

    • Set to automatic spraying

    • Charge once a month and place a new refill





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