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Creative Workspace provider Workero relies on Breezo

Workero facilitates and brings together.

"Embracing the speed of change", at Workero they are convinced that the most successful companies of the future, will not be the largest, or even the ones with the smartest employees. It will be those that are best connected.", says Niko Lecluyse, co-founder of Breezo

"With Breezo, we implement a pioneering solution in the new era of co-working. Our upgraded office spaces improve the comfort of our users, on a daily basis." - Dirk Paelinck, CEO

Together with Breezo, we create healthy workplaces.

"It is important for our heroes to recognize a healthy, safe work environment within our network. All of our partners have taken measures to secure their well-being. Therefore, we introduced a health certificate for our partners. ​With Breezo, we take our commitment a step further and build a rebalanced microbiome, in which nature can reach its full potential. The impact on peoples comfort is hardly to be overestimated."

More info about the benefits.

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