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Voka covering Breezo

(English Version below):

"People want peace of mind in indoor spaces more than ever before".

Fear of contamination and other fears of sitting too long in unventilated indoor spaces: these are phenomena that will become more pronounced in the future. Therefore, it will be more important than ever to invest in a healthy indoor climate. Since the spring of 2020, Breezo, located in Roeselare, has been vigorously pursuing this goal with a system of probiotic air treatment.

No, corona was not the direct reason for the start-up of Breezo. Initiators Niko Lecluyse and Stefan Van der Cruysse set up the business back in September 2018. "We first focused for a year and a half on developing the service and the products and came on the market just before the pandemic came out. We had long realised that it was crucial for many building managers to work on a healthy indoor climate," Niko Lecluyse explains.


The problem has existed for some time. "Since the oil crisis in the 70s, many people have tended to close off buildings hermetically," Van der Cruysse says. "The result is that fresh air only enters through ventilation systems, because in many (office) buildings it is not even possible to open a window. If the ventilation ducts are not maintained, allergens, pathogens, moulds and other pathogens are guaranteed to multiply in dark, warm and humid places and be pushed into the living spaces through the grilles. Or we ourselves bring in bacteria. An example: if someone stays in a hotel room for 24 hours, he will have colonised the room completely within that time. Humans are by nature litter-pickers."

Breezo offers an answer to this through the atomisation of probiotics. "It is a continuous treatment method, in which we atomise 1 million probiotics per second. They descend on contact surfaces and multiply there, so that the surfaces become completely clean. In addition, they largely eliminate pathogens, mould, allergens and odours in the air, which greatly reduces the chance of contracting a virus."


The two partners have noticed that, thanks to covid, evangelisation is no longer necessary. "People are now sufficiently aware of the problem, whereas barely a year ago we seemed to be preaching into the desert when we explained our approach. We distribute our solution through distributors, who install the system in all kinds of public spaces. Anyone who invests in Breezo receives stickers that make it clear to customers, employees and visitors that probiotic air treatment protects everyone. Customers pay a fixed monthly fee, which also includes maintenance and refilling. We already have branches in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Canada and Switzerland and are confident that we will experience strong growth in the near future."

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