Stand Alone device

Balance Air up to 50m2

Stand Alone Device

Balanced Air up to 1000m2 

Integrated in central ventilation system

Up to 9000m3/Hr

 Professional probiotic treat-ment for bio-balanced environments


The system (no larger than a cordless phone) is battery operated, can be easily placed in any environment and gives you at least 45 days of comfort and protection.


Breezo products promote a healthy environment through the probiotic mist, which is 100% natural and has passed the official OECD403 tests.


Large (office & industrial) spaces

For spaces between 50 m2 and 1000m2, we offer a stand alone device, producing a probiotic mist, providing you a healthy, balanced environment.


Intergrated in HVAC

In order to enjoy fresh and healthy air in all the areas of your (office) building, we offer a system that is integrated in your ventilation system, centrally controlled, fully automatic and offered as a fixed monthly plan.



In order to start with probiotic treatment on a continuous basis, we suggest to choose for a prior deep cleaning and probiotic enrichment of your environment by our professional teams.


Once our solutions are in place, you enjoy healthy indoor air without any worries. We offer this full Service as a fixed monthly fee per square meter.



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